Imagine that in 15 minutes, without taking off clothes and without touching, when lying down comfortably on PULSSON, you experience three-dimentional movement of deep recovery which is so complete that embraces the whole inside of your body, awakens life energy, introducing healing, serenity and harmony. Imagine that it is possible.

Transformations after sessions

"What I experienced while laying on this bed can’t be expressed with words… I completely “flew away”. I had an impression that I have no body; that’s how I imagine zero gravity state. I was deeply relaxed, I realized I can cope with anything…"

− Alicja Grzywacz

"The bed was moving slowly, then faster, and finally I got an impression that everything started to dance… I found myself in another world… What I was realizing was just to keep breathing deeply. After that I lost consciousness. I was sensing someone’s presence near me although I didn’t see anybody. I realized I had ill kidneys, that this was an effect of many years of stress. My husband has had an affair with his colleague from work since long time…"

− Mirosława Majrzchak

"I came to Zygmunt to take care of rheumatism and what happened is that I looked within myself. First I was scared to lay on this bed, but since it helped Mirka… I felt warmth in joints. After four sessions my legs stopped aching, I could work in a garden like in good, old times… Apart from that, I changed myself (…) I realized that I deserve more from life. I decided to take care of myself."

− Maria, Mirosława's friend

"when PULSSON went full on and put my body in motion, it reminded me of a belly dance or otherwords Bhangra (…) During this rocking I felt as if the load I had in my stomach was dissolving and disappearing. Then I realized, that it was accumulated stress that was going away. At the end of the session I felt tingles all over the body, even in fingertips, I felt how blood circulates in them and I felt warmth even in feet and hands, what happens to me rarely as I often get cold…"

− Katarzyna Czekała-Patoleta

Invitation from the author

zpZygmunt Pulsson

I am a therapist of body and mental work and it has never happend that I would in any other way so quickly achieve relaxation as it is on PULSSON. I have never assumed that I would be able to feel inner processes this way, forget about tension and fatigue, phisical and psychical stress, feel and explore my inner sacred space. It needs to be experienced.

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