From the very beginning PULSSON device was designed as a combination of health and pleasure. This is reflected in the essential elements of the construction. They include system of springs and drives providing smooth navigability of a moving platform, specially designed comfortable supports for head, legs and shoulders serving optimal body position in full relaxation. A system of infrared lamps maintains constant temperature, supports regeneration and reset thanks to radiation of warmth onto the body, and at the same time protects face and head from light. Dedicated music corresponds to applied cycles of PULSSON work.

On each stage of PULSSON creation, its constructor Zygmunt Pulsson took utmost care to comply with requirements of  health and safety, durability, comfort of using and attractive appearance. Device was made of high quality materials: galvanized and powder lacquered steel frame, chrominium plated springs tested for durability. The frame is discreetly hidden under an elegant, oak cover carved in natural wood. The whole is completed with luxurious materaces with a filling resistant to denting, finished with a high quality leather that can be chosen individually by execution of the order.

Standard size parameters of the device are as follows:

  • Bed: length 2160 mm, width 700 mm, width with elbows supporters 1260 mm,  heigth 870 mm
  • Control panel: width 550 mm, depth 640 mm, height 2100 mm
  • Ceiling set: length 2070 mm, width 900 mm, height 330 mm

Customization in terms of length of the PULSSON bed and size of the control panel is available as per individual order. Other parameters of the construction need to stay unchanged.
PULSSON used for private purposes is equipped with an authomatic programme and does not require a proffesional therapist to operate it. PULSSON used for therapeutical purposes can be managed only by trained staff. Training is avaible at a client’s place.