PULSSON was established as result of revelation that Zygmunt Pulsson received in a form of mystic message during his meditation in Australian bush. Below he shares the story:

“It happened by the end of my monthly stay in Australian bush, in October 1999. I went to Kaivalya Meru to attend a therapeutical training of personal growth, to explore breath techniques and spiritual healing.

These are quite advanced practices and when we were approaching the end of the workshop, I was tired with intensity of exercises and experiences. On that day I went to my remoted shelter that I used for meditation.

I sat on a overturned tree trunk. In front of me I had a soothing view over a vast green valley and a predominant Mountain of a Sleeping Woman, a sacred place for Aboriginals, with a shape resembling a woman lying down on her back with a head rested on the ground. 

I closed my eyes and sensed even more clear the scent of summer in the evening air. With each breath, the border between my body and all that is beyond was melting. A feeling of subtle lightness embraced me and finally the surrounding space and I myself became one. I found myself out of the body.

And then the Mountain of a Sleeping Woman spoke to me. She addressed this part of me that is soft and sensitive, receptive and accepting, this part that is ready to open to a mystery.

Then a vision of whirling circles of light came to me. Each of them was vibrating and moving with a different frequency corresponding to a particular organ of the body. I saw and sensed those vibrations in my own body.

Their imprint remains in my memory as a pulsatory pattern that reflects processes bringing back the body to balance and harmony.”

Shortly after coming back home, Zygmunt heard a voice: “Make a bed on springs for therapy”. Construction of equipment that would comply with the vision was possible thanks to deep trust to higher guidance, infinite commitment to passion and destiny, and support from a few friends. Zygmunt designed and constructed a prototype of the equipment within six months after his return to Poland. In May 2000 he launched first therapeutical sessions and started treatments in Warsaw and then also in Malmo and Helsingborg in Sweden. The equipment was patented as a therapeutical device, particularly for internal organs massage, improvement of resiliency in musculosketal system, and support and balancing of body fluid flow.

He continued to develop and refine the Pulsson method over the next years. Research was conducted, both clinical and involving examination of session effects on the athletes. The first model Zygmunt crafted, was manually operated. In 2011 the automatic version was developed. Until now there was over 9 thousand sessions performed on PULSSON. Clients were recovered or benefited from mental trainig and achievement of very personal goals. Read more testimonials and learn the story of awakening from coma – “PULSSON saves my father’s life”.

Over the years 2014-2016 PULSSON ungergoes a refinement  for the purpose of commercial introduction. Additionally, based on the same patented solution, a new product is developed – relaxation bed on springs.