Every life form is in constant movement

When PULSSON bed starts moving, the body gradually relaxes and surrenders to the movements. This activates deeply located levels of the body. All body organs, liquids and tissues are being moved – in the muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems an on cellular level. More oxygen and nutrients is delivered. Cellular mitochondria are receiving purely kinetic impulse to produce energy and start the process of cells reproduction.

The body is the scene for thoughts and emotions

Every single thought evokes emotions. Every emotion is interpreted and stored by the body. Tensions resulting from unresolved emotions and frozen feelings remain in the body as blokages. The body is being constantly relaxed in every minute of the session on the PULSSON bed. Rhythmic and differentiated movements make the body release the tensions and clear up emotional and mental blocks. Thoughts and emotions can reconnect according to a new pattern.

Mental free zone

There is a state of no thoughts in mind. A state of higher consciousness. But there is also a state of higer consciousness that enables a contact with the very essence of being. PULSSON facilitates entering this state. Regular movements of the PULSSON bed combined with deep relaxation and space free of emotional clutter create unique conditions to explore this contact.