Basic session lasts 15 minutes. Of course there is a possibility of choosing longer sessions: 30, 45 and 60 minutes. The receiver rests comfortably on a mattress in a lying position with leggs slightly up to improve drainages. Hands are supported with extra pillows. There is no need for a body contact with a therapist. Session is held in full clothing. All you need is to take off your shoes.

From the very beginning the receiver is treated with a clearly designed sequence of movements and vibrations specific for the nature of the session. The session is accompanied with a dedicated music. Active part of the session is followed by integration stage. It is the time for a fully relaxed body to submit to autoregulatory processes and integration. It is the most pleasurable part of the session, often described by receivers as a return to the body, to deep feeling of own body.

Session benefits are experienced immediately and include moving of body fluids,  regulation of blood circulation, relaxation, feeling of lightness, energy flow and much more. Read more on what PULSSON helps with >>

How to take care of yourself before and after the session

Since the body is deeply cleansed in the result of the session, it is very useful to drink a glass of water right after the session to support elimination of toxins. It is also beneficial to intake vitamins and supplements as activated circulatory system distributes nutrition more effectively enabling its absorbtion.

For a higher comfort it is good to hold back from abundant meals before the session. However, if you feel a discomfort after having too much food, PULSSON session can help to relax a digestive system, improve metabolism and remove disturbances.

Before the session a therapist holds a short interview with a patient to identify contradictions or issues of concern if there are any.

Postoperative conditions are among contradictions. Caution is needed in any severe inflammatory states. Doubts and expectations are worth to be discussed with staff. Women during menstruation should not take sessions. For pregnant women there are special sessions.