Live active life, work as much as you like, be truly yourself, do what you love, in a way that is the best for you. When your are connected to your spirit, your mind and body are aligned. Your heart is at peace. And you will just know how to restore your life energy and wellbeing.

Everything started from questions: How to cope with stress and overload in today’s social systems – under pressure of expectations, good image and rush?  How to deal with illness to truly enjoy life and move forward? How to go deeper to know oneself better? An finally how to stay true and centered?

Have you ever been tired and ready to rest but your to-do-list made you abandon that due to lack of time? Have you ever been distracted from your ideas and eager to take a different road but not yours?

We like a saying – if you cannot find even 10 minutes to rest, find 20.
Time and presence are the key values that we can grant ourserves and others. Imagine how precious are the moments given to yourself, how valuable life is when there is energy and serenity in you. How much you can offer to yourself and your dear ones then. This is the intention that underpins PULSSON creation, starting a new era of the deepest regeneration and consciousness evolution. All you need is to surrender.