Wellbeing and new quality of life thanks to body purification

This programme was designed as a result of 20 years experience and therapeutical work of Zygmunt Pulsson. It is rooted in a personal story of Zygmunt , who suffered from heavy kidneys disease in age of 40, as well as from joints inflammation, hernia and spine degeneration. These conditions made it difficult for him to move and were affecting his quality of life.

For more than dozen of years he was treated with different drug treatments that, although provided temporaty relief, were ineffective as they missed to address a real cause of the problems – vast body contamination. And when in 1997, after heart attack, he experienced a clinical death and got a second chance, he decided to make full use of it. He tested many of known methods of purification with a positive result.
However, when he started to study anatomy and physiology, he discovered that deep relaxation of tissues and movement of internal fluids to remove toxins away are the key milestones to success in body purification.
With that goal in mind he started to use his invention PULSSON, which strongly relaxes deep layers of tissues and enables detox. PULSSON induces motion that balances cell membrane potentials and initiates energetic processes. It prevents sticking of blood cells together and clinging the toxins on. In the same time PULSSON moves all body fluids, restors vein and blood vessels patency and eliminates blockages and blood clots that stand on the way to a normal blood flow and toxins release.


Spring 2017

Dwór Zaścianek, Borsuki over the river Bug

7 days of complete detox with a purification on a deep cellular level, cleansing of intenstines, liver and kidneys, with physical exercises and fruit & vegetable diet

The programme lasts 7 days and includes a series of purification treatments adapted to a particular detox phase.  The key to the programme are daily sessions on PULSSON that through body mobilization and relaxation ensure effecfive movement of impurities accumulated in the cells, facilitate their discharge and deeply regenerate the body after the effort  related to the process of detoxification.

Main purification treatments include:

  • Sessions on PULSSON – body relaxation, detoxication, regeneration
  • Herbal treatment – intestine cleansing from toxins and products of decay processes
  • Intestines rinsing – removing of a feacalith, restoration of mucosa
  • Sinuses rinsing – removing of the excess of mucus and pathogenic microorganism
  • Liver cleansing – restoration of its proper function and removal of  gallstones
  • Sauna – Russian bania style – skin and body purification through  accelerated body fluids exchange
  • Body excercises – strengthening the spine, increasing flexibility and capacity of body
  • Active meditation and dance – emotional purification and stress reduction
  • Relaxation and focused meditation – shaping of presence, aligning with the body needs and mental navigation of a change proces
  • Breathing exercises – cleansing of respiratory system, increasing of metabolic and effort ability
  • Fruit and vegetable diet – lightening of cleansing systems and restoring internal microflora

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The venue

Only 160 km away from Warsaw, situated in a beautiful region of Podlasie, on the very turn of a river Bug, on a verge of a village Borsuk, where river bends beautifuly and sandy slopes invite to explore area in touring and walking. Mornings are announced by crowing roosters and evenings by cranes heading to rest, sky is so clear in the night that stars almost reach the Earth.

Dwór Zaścianek offers comfortable rooms with bathrooms and big, bright hall with a wooden floor and glass windows, for exercises. In summertime outdoor swimming pool is avaible, as well as an original, local type sauna – Bania – designed in details according to Eastern tradition. Dwór Zaścianek is a member of Slow Food organisation and hosts are known for their care in a way of good, old style Polish hospitality.

How to get there

Dwór Zaścianek
Borsuki 1B
08-221 Hołowczyce
Mazowieckie District


Price includes

  • accomodation in a shared double room with bathroom, private rooms available for additional 350 zł
  • detailed debrief session and lifestyle consultation with Zygmunt Pulsson
  • all classes, lectures and exercises
  • daily personalized sessions on PULSSON
  • detoxifying herbal treatment
  • health supplements
  • fresh and healthy smoothies and juices from locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • two sessions of sauna in Russian bania during liver cleansing
  • intestinal rinsing set
  • nose cleansing set


3 300 zł

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