Not only is the bed very relaxing, but it seems to restore and recover at some basic – cellular or energy? – level

After a greuling international flight, I had the chance to experience the Pulsson bed for the first time, just a few hours after I arrived at the Warsaw airport. I regularly see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and an energy healer. My body is generally aligned and in-tune. But my poor body was tight, out of alignment, and sore. After 20 minutes on the Pulsson bed, my body was humming happily. Not only is the bed very relaxing, but it seems to restore and recover at some basic — cellular or energy? — level.

I enjoyed a second session on the Pulsson bed during a new moon, just before my return trip to the states. Upon my return, my chiropractor (who has re-aligned my body after many trips) could not believe how relaxed and aligned my body was after the return international flight. So, the Pulsson bed not only helped my body (and mind and heart) recover, but prepared it well for my return trip. I can’t wait to get on that bed again.

Dr. Mary Leen, professor at Western New Mexico University
Silver City, USA

Incredible sensations of clients directly after one time session

– Only now I feel my body. I feel kind of change in tension, relaxation and lightness.
– Some kind of energy is waving. I have more space in my body.
– I feel tingles all over my body. Some kind of cells are hovering above me, some kind of aura.
– Serenity. Nothingness. My thoughts escaped somewhere. Silence. I know nothing. Don’t ask me about anything now.
– I see some images and colours. I am floating somewhere. Travelling. I feel happy.
– I have an impression of not having my own body. My legs are light. I think my swelling is gone.
– It is something extraordinary, some kind of miracle. I feel no pain.
– I had a vision. A fantastic idea came to me.
– My face feels so gentle.

Comments of athletes after an effort training

– Rest
– I am filled with energy
– I feel tingles all over
– I am floating
– Regeneration, serenity
– Great loosening
– I feel no fatigue
– Relaxation

I realized I can cope with anything

During last year I lived in a constant stress : studies, English and German courses, constant rush forward, fear of not finding a right job… What I experienced while laying on this bed can’t be expressed with words… I completely ‘flew away’.

I had an impression that I have no body; that’s how I imagine zero gravity state. I was deeply relaxed, I realized I can cope with anything. When I was getting up from the bed, tears were flowing down my cheeks. Maybe this is how the accumulated stress was released from my body. I got the feeling that I am very strong.

Alicja Grzywacz

While laying on this bed, I faced my true emotions

The bed was moving slowly, then faster, and finally I got an impression that everything started to dance… I found myself in another world… What I was  realizing was just to keep breathing deeply. After that I lost consciousness. I was sensing someone’s presence near me although I didn’t see anybody. I realized I had ill kidneys, that this was an effect of many years of stress. My husband has had an affair with his colleague from work since long time. I was trying to keep my marriage by all means, that’s why I was pretending that I know nothing. I paid for it with sleepless nights, constant feeling of danger and rejection. When I was laying on this bed I faced my true emotions. At the end of a session a thought came to me: I need to take courage to talk with my husband…

Mirosława Majchrzak

I realized that I deserve more from life

I came to Zygmunt to take care of rheumatism and what happened is that I looked within myself. First I was scared to lay on this bed, but since it helped Mirka… I felt warmth in joints. After four sessions my legs stopped aching, I could work in a garden like in good, old times… Apart from that, I changed myself. Until now, with no complain, I was attending my grandchildren. I realized that I deserve more from life. I decided to take care of myself.

Maria, Mirosława’s friend

Today I am a different woman

I felt safe like in a mother’s womb. I came for a treatment to “cool down”. Two months ago I got married. Jurek is my first partner, I had no other experience so far. It was ment to be wonderful, but sex didn’t bring pleasure. I warned my husband that at the age of seven I was raped by my neighbour. Since that time I was panically affraid of men. Jurek was the first boyfriend I trusted completely. Still our sexual life was  a disaster. I was like a piece of wood… When PULSSON bed was rocking me, I went through a moment of rape once again, with all its terrible details. I thought this moment was gone 15 years ago and that I forgot. Meanwhile this whole horror rested in my subconsciousness. I was told that during a session I had cried terribly. But I decided to come for another one. Because I felt that something was changing within me. Today I am a different woman. I need intimacy with my husband.


After-session opinion of an author of an article “PULSSON platform heals, rejuvenates and cures”

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try on my own skin how an invention of Zygmunt Pulsson works. With a dose of  timidity I laid on the bed, not knowing what I can expect. I don’t like not to have control over my body and a vision of putting every part of my body in weird motion and skipping was a bit embarassing.  In spite of that I decided to try, I asked for a short relaxation session. In the beginning slow motions seemed to encourage to explore it further. Then sudden vibrations put me off the track. When PULSSON went full on and put my body in motion, it reminded me of a belly dance or otherwords Bhangra, a hindu dance known from fitness classes. I enjoyed it  a lot, it made me laugh. During this rocking I felt as if the load I had in my stomach was dissolving and disappearing. Then I realized, that it was accumulated stress that was going away. At the end of the session I felt tingles all over the body, even in fingertips, I felt how blood circulates in them and I felt warmth even in feet and hands, what happens to me rarely as I often get cold. The feeling of blood rushin in and oxygenation was accompanying me till the end of the day and in the evening I fell asleep like a baby, as if I would spend half of a day walking in a forest. I recommend this feeling.

Katarzyna Czekała – Patoleta


A story of waking up from coma
Shares Iwona Kubiak

At age of 68 my father had a hip surgery, after which due to embulus he got into coma.

Time was passing, it was 17th day coming to an end. Life functions were fading, respirator was holding him to breathe, body was swelling because of body fluids blockages. Doctors couldn’t say if dad will ever wake up but we didn’t give up hope. We tried to massage him, excercise his muscles, but it was neverending work, especially that he was a well built man with a heavy weight.

One day I recalled Zygmunt Pulsson, his therapy and  a massage device – PULSSON. I called him and asked for help. Zygmunt said he would come. It required a load of commitment and determination in talks with hospital authorities, and I was grateful to Zygmunt already for that he agreed to come and bring his PULSSON to emergency department.

It was Saturday. Everything took place in the emergency department in Radom hospital.

We put dad on PULSSON and Zygmunt performed his first session. It lasted about 20 minutes and we could already see that swelling on my father’s arms and legs was getting smaller. Such a result was impossible to achieve even after many hours of massage. Zygmunt scheduled next session for Sunday, he just didn’t give up! He didn’t let go like doctors, he kept on trying!

On Sunday before session Zygmunt asked for anesthesiologist to be present during his work. Maybe he was predicting that something might happen. Zygmunt started to apply various motions with his PULSSON and suddenly together with a shout: “Wiktor breathe!” he started to press dad’s chest and took an oxygen tube out of his mouth. EKG chart improved, Zygmunt kept pressing the chest and was shouting : “Wiktor breathe, look at me, breathe” and even the doctor had tears in her eyes. It was incredible, my dad started to breathe independently.

The most important was that actually each one of us could move Zygmunt’ device and give my dad the soothing pulse and movement. This pulse definitely has an influence on psyche of people in coma – I noticed changes on father’s face, in his breathing and body relaxation. He looked as if in safe place, like at home. After moving to another hospital we managed to wake my father up from coma. I am sure that we would never achive that with my father condition if it was not for Zygmunt actions and his device.

Iwona Kubiak