PULSSON activates the Energy od Life

PULSSON is an answer for human needs of current times and in the the future. It is a concept and a device of the highest generation, serving to reach the deepest and the fastest regeneration of body and mind. It is designed for those who seek to live actively, have understanding of keeping own body in a good health condition.
PULSSON philosophy is based on a very evident theory assuming that living matter is made of atoms that are in a constant movement. To move is to live.
PULSSON bed uses unique flexible movements in order to initiate and harmonize fundamental energetic cellular processes that trigger natural self-regulation processes and activate incredible hidden abilities of the human body.

Body influence

PULSSON is the only device in the world which enables total body regeneration in 15 minutes

PULSSON movements have a three dimensional characteristics intentionally designed as waving cycles, with changing amplitude and intensity, to address specific body parts and activate life energy within. This is an absolutely natural method and a completely new quality in the field of fast and thorough regeneration, effortless rehabilitation, body cleansing and rejuvenation, tension release, endurance building and mental training.
Movements generated by PULSSON offer instant and visible results. PULSSON stimulates at the same time all internal organs and the whole skeletal system. Improvement of breathing processes and circulatory system takes place.

Mind influence

Sacred Experience, Sacred Space – feelings after a session by PULSSON creator, Zygmunt Pulsson

PULSSON session is an incredible chance for a unique contact with inner self. This state is a new revealed form of physical existence and sensing own body. It is a physical enlightenment that denotes expanded consciousness of what is happening within a body, observing processes, perceiving them as vibrations or energy, noticing them until one eventually becomes the process itself. You become a pulsing consciousness, a vibration, a wave that is able to move, to permeate anything, or to flow and merge with anything that is. You can reach a sensation of expanding beyond the borders of what you think you are.
Literally you leave an old state of feeling your body, this common state that you are familiar with, the state that you might even try to recollect but you are unable to reach anymore since it flies away somewhere. You simply feel your body completely different or you kind of forget about it, although you remain fully conscious. You feel the body in a new way and this sensation is so attractive and good for you that you even do not want to, you are unable to recall old feelings, tensions or pain. You store in your mind the new sensation coming from a new perception. You remember the state that recognizes no tension or disease, because it is something completely different itself. You reach a state of inner bliss and luxury. For me personally it is a sacred state of experiencing inner self.
I myself, I am a body and mind therapist, but it has never happened that I would ever in a different way reach similar to PULSSON state so fast. I have never imagined that I would be able to experience inner processes like this, forget about tension and fatigue, stress both physical and mental, feel and explore my own inner sacred space.