PULSSON is a special form of regeneration for those with active lifestyle, filled with tasks, professional and family duties, working long period of time in a sitting position, spending hours traveling, who want to take care of themselves in a short time. PULSSON is a solution for people who feel physical consequences of overload.

Ease and speed with which PULSSON restores state of natural inner balance offers a perfect opportunity for immediate renewal and return to full strength. PULSSON does not label people for ill or healthy. It brings relaxation to all who suffer from stress and tension, as well as transitory or chronic dysfunctions.

It releases tension for those who are afflicted with muscle and joints pain, brings lightness for people who are overweight, suffer from trauma effects or past experiences. PULSSON re-establishes physical efficiency for those who lost it due to body blocks. It improves blood circulation and heart rhythm, introduces fresh air, new thinking and perspective.

PULSSON will not replace pharmacological treatment in heavy disease conditions and distractions, however it turned out many times already that it can work miracles when combined with determination and engagement. Have a look at a story on how PULSSON saved life >>

We recommend PULSSON for people involved in intense body and intellectual work combined with responsibility and stress:

  • Managers
  • Sports fans
  • Professional athletes
  • Pilots
  • Frequent flight users
  • Professional drivers
  • Politicians
  • Soldiers, policemen, firefighters
  • Medical workers
  • TV presenters
  • Actors
  • Photoreporters

We recommend PULSSON for venues, where instant regeneration is needed, for the body as well as for leisure:

  • Sport clubs
  • Fitness clubs and gyms
  • Golf clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Hotels
  • Wellness centers
  • Spas
  • Office centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports


increased endurance efficiency
better adaptation to training sessions
protection of top performers
safety provision during competitions


extended relaxation offer
attention to guests health
offer for outter users
addressed needs of businesspeople


new opportunity for renewal and regeneration
unique rejuvenation method
empowered effects of cosmetic treatments
extended portfolio of short lasting services


increased passenger service
higher transfer attractiveness
boosted relax offer
attended passenger waiting time


exceptional offer for drivers
higher safety standards
incentive to stop over on the station
user loyalty building


extended rehabilitation offer
enhenced preparation for surgery
supported regeneration processes
complemented preoperative procedure