Enhancing endurance building, post-workout recovery and mental training

Deep recovery after exercise, that is provided by PULSSON, contributes to faster balancing in the body, higher tolerance for muscle soreness, pain and tiredness, as well as better adaptation to the workout routine and shortening of time between workouts.

Even a few minutes on PULSSON is enough to introduce more oxygen to the blood vessels. Specially designed movements and frequency of vibrations addressed to specific parts of the body improve microcirculation, facilitate oxygen and nutrients delivery to the tissues, improve the fuctioning of internal organs, boost blood and lymph flow, develop resiliency in musculosketal system and enhance total psychophysical efficiency. Energy stores are activated as a result of increased burning and nutrient absorption becomes more effective.

We offer servicing quick recovery of high-level athletes in training programmes before competitions. Our programme is tailor made and easily adapted to specific training needs.


PULSSON participated in preparations of national cyclists team to the Road World Championships in Madrid in 2005. The co-operation was aimed at enhancing more efficient post-workout recovery and achieving better results. Moreover, in 2004 there were endurance tests conducted with cyclists from the sport club KS Szurkowski – read more HERE. After the session on PULSSON athletes comments included the following:

I am filled with energy, I feel tingles all over, I am floating, I feel no fatigue, rest, regeneration, clarity, great loosening, relaxation

Tests with cyclists from sport club KS Szurkowski, 2004

With national cycling team before Road World Championships in Madrid, 2005

With national cycling team before Road World Championships in Madrid, 2005