Zygmunt Pulsson born on the 21st of March 1958 – a therapist, coach and counselor.
He is an author of the Pulsson Therapy method, a visionaire and a constructor of PULSSON device – with a wide spectrum of use in rehabilitation and body therapy, as well as in therapy of psychosomatic disorders and mental trainings.

For 18 years he has been continuously assisting people in their aspirations to have good health and achieve personal goals. He is an author of unique programmes related to physical and psychological health. He holds individual and group sessions, workshops and health programmes. He brings a lifetime of extended therapeutical and life experience, and also maturity, to invite open-hearted reception of human stories and offer safe guidance.

It was wenty years ago when, although succesfully managing his own bussines, he was moving with support of crutches, struggling with 30 kg overweight and a lasting joints and kidneys disease. He experienced a heart attack and a clinical death. Eventually he started to accumulate knowledge how to help himself on his own. He was studying physiology, psychology of human behaviours, natural methods of healing. He studied with shamans from North America, travelled in Australia and New Zealand, where he explored ancient wisdom and mysticism.
He lived and worked as a therapist in Sweden, was on a peace mission in Syria. As a coach in the European Institute of Human Resources Developement, he held selfdevelopement courses and motivational workshops for big companies, in the same time leading an individual therapeutical practice. He is a creator of unique programmes, tools and methods of work supporting health and human growth. He was put on the list of Top Polish Healers by “Nieznany Świat” magazine in 2003.

Zygmunt Pulsson in the age of 40, 1998

Zygmunt Pulsson in the age of 58, 2016

Media and publications

– Annales Medicine – Medical Academy in Lublin
– Articles on Pulsson Therapy in magazines: ZwierciadłoMazowiecki Goniec Lokalny
– „Patent na Świry” cz.1 – Humour and a distance to life publication
– „Faithful to ownself” – The one who regained himself
– Guest of many radio broadcasts
– Author of lyrics of more than 100 songs with messages of teachings and life solutions


– Master Practitioner of NLP – The Australasian Institute of NLP – Laureli Blyth
– Master Practitioner of NLP – Educational Club „Live” – Małgorzata Bojanowska
– Time Line and Hypnotherapy Training – The Australasian Institute of NLP – Laureli Blyth
– Family Constellations Bert Hellinger – Śląskie Centrum Psychosomatyki

– Higher Self Therapy Training – The Australasian Institute of NLP – Laureli Blyth
– Voice Dialogue and The Dance Relationships – Energywork Relationships – dr. Joy Manne, Great Britain
– Breath Integration – Colin P. Sisson, New Zealand
– Spiral Aura Balancer – Breath Connection – Nemi Nath, Australia

– Studium of Natural Healing Methods – Medikon, Warsaw
– Cranio Sacral Therapy – Health Academy Toronto – Bożena Przyjemska
– Aromatherapy – Polskie Towarzystwo Aromaterapeutyczne – dr. Władysław  Brud
– Patent RP – Therapeutical equipement for physiotherapy and psychotherapy


Doc. dr hab. Marek Pilkiewicz – Psychology Institute of Warsaw University and Higher School of Pedagogy, lecturer on Far East Medicine, specialist of natural therapies.

Dorota Stefańska – lecturer of physiology and body anatomy in Medikon Studium. Rehabilitation specialist and teacher of healing masagges and reflexology, sincere giver in relation with others.

Colin P. Sisson – psychologist, creator and coach of Breath Integration – art of conscious breathing
Author of books: „Inner Adventures”, „The Next Step”, „Your Right To Riches”
As part of Inner Adventures Programmes he teaches practitioners of Breathing Integration

Nemi Nath – a therapist of breathwork, spiritual healer and yoga teacher. She created a system of healing and working with energy Spiral Aura Balancing. Creator and director of a training centre „Breathconnection” in Australia.

Martyn Carruthers – a master of therapeutical metaphore, creator of Soulwork therapy, teacher of NLP and Huna. Holds seminars helping in integrating personal aspects of self with spirituality.

Rosa Cat – a therapist, coach and food councelor. Sensitive and alerted observer of processes of human behaviours. Explorer of hidden agendas and distructive life patterns.

Dr Joy Manne – dr of buddhist psychology, author of „Soul Therapy”. Director of School of Personal and Spiritual Developement in Switzerland. Patient and focused observer of human souls.

Dr David Thomson – psychologist, academic lecturer and shaman. He holds seminars on relationship dependancies, leadership and efficient organisation management, co-founder of Sacred Circles Institute.

Debra Lynn Katz – sociotherapist, professional clairvoyant, counselor and spiritual teacher. Author of a book „You have a gift”, author of a TV programme „Psychic discoverer”

David Neenan – Chairman of „The Neenan Company” (Colorado). Holds seminars internationally – „Business & You – the working game”,
based on rules made by Backminster Fuller, called „planet friendly genius”, helping participants in building cooperation not competition. He teaches how to earn money in a happy and creative way.

Marina Sisson – a therapist, author of books ‘Most beautifuk path of life’ , “Be, Do, Have”

Mattie Davis Wolfe – psychologist, spirifual healing practitioner, co-founder of Sacred Circles Institute.

Laureli Blyth – a coach, hypnotherapist, director of Australasian Institute of  NLP in Sydney. Teaches workshops in Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP trainings, timeline therapy, NLP for health.

Małgorzata Bojanowska – NLP trainer, pedagogist. Author of educational and developement programmes: Working with conflict, Effective strategies, Coaching

Sławomir Bubicz – psychologist, yoga teacher, started Academy of Hatha Yoga in Warsaw.

Francine Marie – a professional clairvoyant, healer. Teaches psychic developement workshops in USA, Caribbean, Europe.

Bert Hellinger – educator, psychoanalyst, body therapist, family therapist, a specialist in observation of a group dynamic. Author of family constellations approach, author of many books, including: “Insights: Lectures and stories”, “Peace begins in the soul: Family constellations in the service of reconciliation”.