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Str Gl Kafle Poznaj Formule Non-contact, fully dressed

We have a patent for health

Pulsson® Health Cruiser

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The Pulsson® secret

All moves lead toward health

Str Gl Kafle Sekret Pulssona Ruchy Pulsation
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Str Gl Kafle Sekret Pulssona Ruchy Pyramidal activation
Str Gl Kafle Sekret Pulssona Ruchy Undulation
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Pulsson® Health Cruiser

Because circulation matters

Str Gl Health Integration Movement

100% Pulsson® movement

Pulsson® Health Cruiser is a patent-protected, groundbreaking device for the improvement of human health. Dedicated Pulsson® movements have variable direction, frequency and amplitude. They are used for massage of internal organs, regulation of the flow of bodily fluids, stimulation of the endocrine,respiratory and circulatory systems, normalization of neurological and mental processes.

The method of wave movement on the Pulsson® was created by Zygmunt Pulsson based on more than twenty years of therapeutic practice. The pyramidal wave motion has been defined, which is crucial for circulation, oxygenation and energy generation in the body. As a result of its application, life functions and health improve.

100% of cooperation with the body

Optimal suspension of the device keeps
the body in motion, sustains or intensifies the movement, gives it direction, changes its amplitude
and frequency.The movement proceeds from gentle pulsation to an energetic mobilisation movement.
Training progression is then possible.
The body integrates the generated energy and starts autoregulatory processes. Health progression follows.

100% hygiene

The Pulsson® Health Cruiser activates all parts of the body and cells without the need for therapist contact with the patient's body. Sessions are conducted without touching and without undressing.

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Pulsson® Energy

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People say about Pulsson®

This movement will move you

Ludzie Iwona Kubiak
The story of awakening from a coma
Iwona Kubiak

My dad had hip surgery at the age of 68, after which he went into a coma due to an embolism. Time went by, day 17 was passing and nothing has changed. Vital functions were stopping, breathing was forced by the respi ...

Ludzie Jacek Debczynski
My recovery after a heart attack
Jacek Dębczyński

An intensive, often late-night and stressful job, chronic sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and above all lack of space for peace and rest resulted in putting me in hospital in July 2011 with a ...

Ludzie Mary Leen
Fundamental regeneration
Mary Leen

After a greuling international flight, I had the chance to experience the Pulsson bed for the first time, just a few hours after I arrived at the Warsaw airport. I regularly see an acupuncturist ...

Ludzie Katarzyna Czekała Patoleta
Even in my fingertips I felt tingling
Katarzyna Czekała-Patoleta

I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try how Zygmunt Pulsson's invention is working on my own. With a certain shyness I laid down on the bed not knowing what to expect. I don't like not having control over my own body ...

Ludzie Przypadkowi
I feel happy, I have such a gentle face
Comments from random people after a 15 minute session

I am just feeling my body now. I feel a kind of change in tension. I feel relaxation, lightness. Some energy is surging. I have more space in my body. I feel tingling all over my body. Calmness ...

Ludzie Louise Mazanti
State of expanded awareness
Louise Mazanti

Warsaw is opening up in the most incredible ways. With complete synchronicity this surreal experience appears. We have been reading and thinking enthusiastically about technology ...

Ludzie Sportowcy
I feel no fatigue, I am light
Road cyclists of Szurkowski's group during exercise tests

Rest, I am light, I am full of energy, I feel tingling, I am floating on a wave, High relaxation, Regeneration, Calmness, I feel no fatigue, I'm calm, High relaxation, Regeneration ...

Ludzie Dorota Stefanska
A milestone in occupational hygiene
Dorota Stefańska

Pulsson® is a milestone in the development of massage techniques, rehabilitation and body work in general. The automatic, non-contacting massage with Pulsson® variable movements allows for ...

Ludzie Kasia Bogdan
Podróż w najdalsze zakamarki duszy
Katarzyna Emilia Bogdan

The Pulsson bed is a spaceship which can take you on a journey to the innermost corners of the Soul. It brings healing, restores balance and gives respite. Each session is different and brings ...

Zygmunt Pulsson
Dismiss of illness – Zygmunt Pulsson
Zygmunt Pulsson

I have never imagined that through movement, in such a natural way, it is possible to dismiss illness. To come into such intimate contact with oneself and to activate the process of self-healing ...

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We pulsate for your health

Ladies and gentlemen

I am proud to be able to help you

Zygmunt Pulsson

Zygmunt Pulsson

Pioneer of body rehabilitation with pyramidal wave motion. Therapist and author of the Pulsson® Therapy method, creator of the world's only Pulsson® device for non-contact inertial massage of internal organs, stimulation of circulation and rehabilitation.

How did this happen?
Many years ago, Zygmunt Pulsson, a full-time businessman, had a heart attack and experienced clinical death. It was a turnaround. He returned to the basis of life - movement, the beginning of all processes in the body. He developed movement therapy. He developed his Pulsson® device, which he soon patented.

Why Pulsson?
Because circulation matters.