It is 1997

O Nas Zygm

Towards life

The year is 1997 and forty-year-old Zygmunt Pulsson, an overweight, sickly man who uses crutches to get around, has a heart attack and experiences clinical death in the ambulance on the way to hospital. When he regains consciousness, he decides to completely change his life. He closes his successful business and starts looking for a new way of life.


Zygmunt Pulsson is radically changing his lifestyle. He exercises every day, changes his eating habits, works with his breath and meditates. In six months he loses 30 kilograms. The results set him a goal - to continue helping himself and people like him. He studies physiology and modern psychotherapeutic methods. He completes a course in natural healing methods. He learns from the masters. He becomes a certified body, mind and breath therapist. In 1999, during a therapeutic training in Australia, he has an epiphany

O Nas Gora Spiacej Kobiety
O Nas Gabinet


Zygmunt Pulsson discovers the existence of pyramidal wave motion, which is the key movement with a healing effect on vital functions. He puts his discovery into practice and constructs the Pulsson® mobile therapeutic device , which is unique in the world. He develops his own working method - Pulsson® wave movement therapy and in 2000 opens his first office in Warsaw.

Presentations of the Pulsson® method to the scientific community

In the following years, Zygmunt Pulsson enjoyed working with patients and presenting his invention to scientific audiences at numerous congresses and conferences. Research was initiated, the results of which confirmed the hypotheses posed and encouraged further work.

O Nas Kongres
O Nas Kolarze

Pulsson® in high-performance sport

After establishing cooperation with road cyclists, Zygmunt Pulsson, under the direction of Professor Tomasz Gabryś of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, conducts research with Szurkowski's group in order to accelerate post-workout recovery. In 2005, he participated in the preparations of the women's national road cycling team for the World Championships in Madrid.

We have a patent for health

In 2008, the Polish Patent Office recognises Zygmunt Pulsson's therapeutic device as an invention. Having legal protection, Zygmunt Pulsson starts working on expanding the therapeutic possibilities of the device.

O Nas Patent
O Nas Multipulse

A new health perspective

The device, together with the Pulsson® Therapy method, is now the basis for non-contact, inertial massage, rehabilitation and psychotherapy. With a wealth of experience from thousands of sessions, Zygmunt Pulsson has perfected
his device to such an extent that it becomes independent of its creator.