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The basis of the Pulsson® method is the Pulsson® Health Cruiser therapeutic device.
The author of the method and the patented invention is Zygmunt Pulsson. The method is based on the application of specific movements of varying strength, direction and shape to the whole body of a person remaining in a lying position. The method uses the principle of inertia and elastic suspension of the Pulsson® device for structural changes of the body, massage of internal organs and to regulate the flow of body fluids.

Pillars of the Pulsson® method

Pulsson Health Cruise Therapy Bed
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Pulsson® movement

The Pulsson® device, thanks to its flexible suspension, performs movements with different characteristics - pendular, circular, gravitational, vibratory and combined in each plane. These movements have variable frequency and amplitude. They act on the body consistently in specific time intervals. What distinguishes the Pulsson® device is the pyramidal wave motion, which leads to multi-point counter rotation of the body.

Inertia and energy generation

According to the principle of inertia, the human body, all fluids, tissues and organs follow the movements of the Pulsson® device. Balancing of the mutual forces of the system is observed - the inertia of the body and the movement of the device. In this way, the body takes up the energy of movement and begins to generate its own energy, necessary to stimulate physiological and mental processes.

Autoregulation and energy distribution

After a session on the Pulsson® device, the patient remains on the labile elastic suspension of the device. This allows the energy generated by the movements of the Pulsson®device to be freely distributed. The body can smoothly control its processes without interference from the ground. The Pulsson® responsively takes over and reflects every subtle movement of the body and supports self-regulation.

Body position

On the Pulsson® device, the person lies on their back. This is a natural signal to relax. The legs are slightly raised to increase the drainage effect. The whole body is supported. Pulsson® stimulations reach even the deepest tissues and internal organs. The stimuli are received on a physical and mental level. The sessions take place without touching or undressing the patient.

Therapeutic effects and hypotheses

1.The application of movement stimulus by the Pulsson® method regulates the potentials on cell membranes, which is an impulse for energy production, cell division and growth. Pulsson® influences the maintenance of vital processes, regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism.

2.Subjecting cells to movement stimuli causes them to be oxygenated and nourished. Pulsson®, by stimulating respiratory processes, causes greater exercise endurance and faster regeneration of the body. The progressive application of a movement stimulus is an excellent training factor.

3.By stimulating receptors with movement, Pulsson® causes the release of chemicals and enzymes that stimulate the metabolism. The body uses up its fat reserves. Pulsson® supports the process of reducing excess weight.

4.Stimulation with movement on the Pulsson® device increases the absorption of nutrients and supplements.

5.As a result of centrifugal forces on tissues, blood vessels become more flexible and stronger. Pulsson® accelerates cardiac rehabilitation.

6.Deep tissue movement stimulates the lymphatic system which results in elimination of blockages and forces the body to expel toxins from hard-to-reach places. Pulsson® accelerates and deepens the process of cleansing the body. Pulsson® is a non-invasive method of lymphatic cleansing.

7.Moving body fluids leads to stimulation of all internal organs. Pulsson® creates an environment in which the body's biological, natural vital forces are activated, enabling the body to quickly achieve a state of balance. Pulsson® strengthens immunity, activates autoregulation and the self-healing processes of the organism.

8. Fluids, stirred by movement, enable the flow of substances and information between cells, resulting in a stimulation of signal transmission. Pulsson® activates new prioprioreceptive patterns of sensation and organises new neural pathways. Pulsson® supports neurological rehabilitation.

9.An appropriately set frequency of movement enables rapid relaxation and access to deeper awareness and resources of the human psyche. Pulsson® can be used to work on the mind, e.g. in mental training.

The Patent Office - an excerpt from the description of the invention

"Having used the equipment according to the invention for massage aimed at inducing movement of human body fluids, as well as in the case of treatments for massaging internal organs or making the skeletal system more flexible, it was discovered that the effect was achieved after applying much less force than when using traditional rigid tables and beds, and the person being massaged felt much more comfortable during the treatment.

A massage performed without any physical contact between the massage therapist and the body of the person being massaged was also found to be just as effective, achieved by only moving the tabletop of the Pulsson therapy equipment. This way of conducting a massage enables the use of an electric drive, which makes the tabletop move, and thus enables a massage without the participation of the massage therapist.

The solution according to the invention has also made it possible to carry out massage of people who have various types of skin diseases or particularly sensitive skin, or a body prone to swelling. The object of the invention can be used as a table for massaging internal organs, inducing the circulation of human body fluids, removing blockages formed in the lymphatic ducts and blood system and removing deposits of toxic substances that have not been expelled from the body as a result of the natural cleansing activities of the body, e.g. from the large and small intestines, as well as for eliminating swelling and removing muscle tension. Similar functions can be performed according to the invention in the process of rehabilitation of patients after diseases or injuries, in particular in the process of flexibility of theskeletal system. When the equipment according to the invention is used as a bed for daily use, it can additionally perfectly perform relaxation functions both during rest as well as during sleep."

Presentations and lectures

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The Pulsson® method has been in use since 2000. It has been demonstrated in Poland and abroad

Metoda Pulsson AWF Warszawa

University of Physical Education in Warsaw
Topic: "Pulsson and its application in high-performance sport"
Occasional lectures for rehabilitation students on the Pulsson method, increasing exercise capacity, post-workout regeneration, mental training
Speaker: Zygmunt Pulsson
Organiser: Professor Marek Kruszewski

Metoda Pulsson COS Spala

XIV International Scientific Conference "Directions for Improvement of Training and Sports Fighting"
Olympic Preparation Centre in Spała

Topic: "The influence of the type of rest break on VO2, HR and LA levels during interval training in cyclists"
the presentation of a paper on the effectiveness of the Pulsson method
Speakers: dr Urszula Szmaltan-Gabryś, Zygmunt Pulsson
Chairpersons of the conference: Professor H. Sozański, Professor T. Ulatowski
Organisers: University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Polish Scientific Association of Physical Culture

Metoda Pulsson Politechnika Czestochowska

Scientific Conference "Sports training in interdisciplinary scientific research"
Częstochowa University of Technology

Topic: "Modern technologies in sports training"
Speakers: Profesor Tomasz Gabryś, Zygmunt Pulsson
Organiser: Professor Janusz Szopa

Metoda Pulsson Uniwersytet AM Poznan

Scientific Conference of the Department of Social Psychology
Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences in Poznań

Topic: "Trance and the psychotherapeutic process based on the Pulsson Therapy integrated method of working with the body "
A lecture and practical demonstration of solving a problem reported by a client
Speaker: Zygmunt Pulsson
Congress Chair: Professor Helena Sęk
Organiser: Izabela Turbaczewska

Metoda Pulsson AWF Krakow

Scientific Conference of the University of Physical Education in Kraków
Topic: "Pulsson Therapy as a method of integrated influence on the patient and possibilities of its application in treatment"
Speaker: Zygmunt Pulsson
Organizer: dr Andrzej Szczygieł

Metoda Pulsson AWF Katowice

Exercise testing of Polsat Group cyclists
University of Physical Education in Katowice

Topic: "Pulsson Therapy in mental training in sport"
A presentation of the method and a practical demonstration of changing players' beliefs in order to achieve higher results
Speaker: Zygmunt Pulsson
Organizer: dr Bożena Smolec


Metoda Pulsson Nowodworskie Centrum Medyczne+Gabinet Pulssona

Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Medical Centre in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Pulsson Therapy Office in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

Study of the effect of Pulsson® Therapy on regression of lung interstitial changes in the course of Covid 19 infection.
Maria Uliasz - physician describing CT imaging study - CT1 before the therapy, Marta Dziuba - physician describing the CT imaging - CT2 after the therapy.
Physiotherapeutic treatments on Pulsson device: Zygmunt Pulsson - author of the Pulsson® Therapy method.
The aim of the report is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Pulsson® method in rehabilitation after interstitial pneumonia in the course of Covid 19 infection.

A patient under examination: a man aged 36 years with a body weight of 90 kg and height of 186 cm.
Patient with pulmonary interstitial lesions in the course of Covid infection found on chest computed tomography (CT1 scan). The patient completed isolation at the beginning of November 2020

Result of CT scan of the chest CT 1 dated 10.11.2020, i.e. before Pulsson® Therapy:
Lungs: quite numerous diffuse macular milky glass densities located
especially around the periphery of the upper lobes and throughout the lower lobes. Some lesions show
features of organization and marked image of cobblestones - especially S6PP I S6PL. The image
suggests a process of interstitial viral pneumonia in a stage of organisation
in the course of Covid 19.
Lymph nodes in the mediastinum: not enlarged
Trachea and bronchi: normal obstruction
Pleural cavities: without fluid
Skeletal elements of the thorax: unchanged
Maria Uliasz - the doctor describing the CT1 examination

Therapy method used:
The patient underwent a cycle of 11 Pulsson® Therapy treatments on the Pulsson® device from 18.11.2020 to 2.12.2020. The therapeutic effect was implemented through the action of wave motion on the cardio-respiratory system and the entire body of the patient. During the therapy, the patient's body was introduced to specific movements with the Pulsson therapy device, on which the patient lies freely on his back. The device has a movable platform which kinetically moves the body in wave-like movements of the appropriate frequency and amplitude. This leads to an inertial non-contact massage of the whole body and internal organs: relaxation, mobilization, drainage, oxygenation and regulation of body fluid flow.
Zygmunt Pulsson - author of Pulsson® Therapy

The result of a CT scan of the chest CT2 dated 30.01.2020:
after undergoing a series of Pulsson® Therapy treatments, there was an almost complete regression of the thickenings visible in the previous examination. At present there are residual, very poorly differentiating from the remaining pulmonary parenchyma, discrete densities of the matt-glass type located along the bronchovascular bundles in the lower lobes of the lungs.
Additionally, as before i.e:
Slight scarring changes in the peaks of both lungs
Mediastinal lymph nodes not enlarged
Normal trachea and bronchi obstruction
Pleural cavities without fluid
Adrenal glands without changes
Bony elements of the chest wall without changes
Marta Dziuba - the doctor who described the CT2 examination

Metoda Pulsson AWF Warszawa

University of Physical Education - Warsaw

Study on the influence of the type of rest break on VO2, HR and LA levels during interval training in Szurkowski Cyclists Group using the PULSSON® device.
Research team leader: Professor Tomasz Gabryś (AWF Warsaw),
Biochemical studies: Dr Urszula Szmatlan - Gabryś (AWF Warsaw),
Physiotherapeutic treatments on Pulsson® device: Zygmunt Pulsson - author of Pulsson® Therapy,
Graphs of the research measurements were made by - Arkadiusz Stanula (AWF Katowice),
The research was published in the "ANNALES MEDICINE" of the Medical Academy in Lublin.

The aim of the study was to analyse the dynamics of total oxygen consumption, total heart rate and lactate level, during interval exercise and rest break, in which two methods of rest were used: standard and Pulsson® Therapy method performed on a PULSSON® device.
Analysis of the test results shows lower values for oxygen consumption and lower levels of lactate concentration, which may indicate an increase in the efficiency of metabolic processes when using the Pulsson® method.
The research showed the validity of the use of the PULSSON® device in sport and the advisability of further investigations. The research was published and presented by Dr Szmaltan - Gabryś during the 14th International Scientific Conference: "Directions for Improvement of Training and Sport Combat" at the Olympic Preparation Centre in Spała - 28 - 30 November 2005.

Metoda Pulsson Vega Medica

Institute of Holistic Medicine - Vega Medica - Warsaw

Investigating the influence of Pulsson® Therapy sessions on detoxification processes of the body - Blood images were made with a dark field microscope. The study was conducted by: Dr Jacek Giovanoli – Jakubczak

Metoda Pulsson Vega Medica Photo 1

Picture 1 - Image of the patient's blood before the session on Pulsson®.
Visible rollover of blood cells. The most common cause is:
- chronic hypoxia
- increased amount of free radicals
- acidification of the body
- improper diet
The image indicates low cell viability.

Metoda Pulsson Vega Medica Photo 2

Picture 2 - Another picture of the patient's blood before the session on Pulsson®.
Visible Simplasts (bio-chemical compounds) - a typical image of detoxification disorders of the organism, are usually deposited in the joints and can be the cause of osteoarthritis.

Metoda Pulsson Vega Medica Photo 3

Picture 3 - Patient's blood image after session on Pulsson®.
Normal blood image. Clear changes can be seen:
- blood cells separated from each other
- free movement in the plasma
- are oxygenated

Metoda Pulsson Gabinet Pulssona

Pulsson® Therapy Office - Warsaw

Study of the effect of Pulsson® Therapy treatments on blood pressure regulation. The table below shows the changes occurring in the arterial pressure measurements in a patient with coronary artery disease, treated on the Pulsson device. The readings show the beneficial effect of Pulsson® on vessel wall elasticity. This is shown by the incremental pressure measured before and after the session on Pulsson®, at the final stage of the patient’s therapy process, taken over a period of three weeks.

Spectrum of applications

Pulsson® Rehabilitacja

- cardiovascular rehabilitation
- nervous system rehabilitation
- rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system
- rehabilitation of psychosomatic disorders

Pulsson® Sports training

  • increasing aerobic and metabolic parameters
  • accelerating post-workout recovery
  • accelerating the absorption of nutrients

Pulsson® Senior care

  • restoration of mobility
  • prevention of akinesia and muscular atrophy
  • prevention of painful conditions

Pulsson® Clinical care

- stimulation of vital processes in the ICU
- prevention of the the consequences of prolonged lying in bed
- stimulation of respiratory and circulatory function in comatose patients

Pulsson® Anti-stress training

- regulating nerve conduction
- releasing tension and achieving a state of safety
- activating access to higher cortical functions of the brain

Pulsson® Detoxification

- prevention of blood and lymphatic stagnation
- movement and removal of toxins
- acceleration of metabolic processes