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People say about Pulsson®

Ludzie Iwona Kubiak

The story of awakening from a coma

Iwona Kubiak, Psychologist, Director of the Coaching Centre at Collegium Civitas

"My dad had hip surgery at the age of 68, after which he went into a coma due to an embolism. Time went by, day 17 was passing and nothing has changed. Vital functions were stopping, breathing was forced by the respirator, his body swelled due to fluid stasis. The doctors couldn't tell if dad would ever wake up, but we didn't give up. We tried massaging and exercising his muscles, but it was a Sisyphean task, especially as dad was a stocky man of considerable weight.

One day I recalled Zygmunt Pulsson and his moving bed. I called him and asked for help. Zygmunt said he would come.
It took a lot of initiative and steadfastness with the hospital and for the mere fact that Zygmunt agreed to come and bring his Pulsson bed I felt very grateful to him.

It was Saturday. Everything was happening in the intensive care unit at the hospital in Radom. We moved my dad to Pulsson bed and Zygmunt performed the first treatment. Zygmunt was moving the bed rhythmically for 20 minutes and it was visible that the swelling on my dad's arms and legs had reduced. We were not able to achieve such a result even after several hours of massages.
Zygmunt scheduled another treatment for Sunday, he just wouldn't let go! He didn't give up like the doctors did, he just kept trying!

On Sunday before the procedure, Zygmunt asked for an anaesthetist to be present at his work. Perhaps he sensed something was going to happen.
Zygmunt began to introduce dad to various movements with his Pulsson equipment, until at one point the skin on dad's body began to regain its colour. I could see changes in his face, in his breathing and in his body. Zygmunt, shouting "Wiktor breathe", began to compress dad's chest and removed the respirator from his mouth. The ECG machine's graph strengthened, Zygmunt continued to compress the chest and cried out: "Wiktor breathe, look at me, breathe". It was amazing because my dad started to breathe on his own. Even the doctor had tears in her eyes.

I believe that had it not been for Zygmunt's actions, dad's health would not have improved on its own."

Ludzie Jacek Debczynski

My recovery after a heart attack

Jacek Dębczyński, President of a consultancy firm

"An intensive, often late-night and stressful job, chronic sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and above all lack of space for peace and rest resulted in putting me in hospital in July 2011 with a diagnosis of a heart attack. I remember the doctor's words: "You are after a major heart attack and from this point on your life will be completely changed". The script I received was a prescription with 7 pharmaceuticals that I would have to take for the rest of my life, and their dosages would be constantly increased. In addition to this there was a perspective of systematic visits to the doctor and a drastic reduction in my physical and occupational activities.

I experienced a profound shock that I had never experienced before. I felt that I had landed on the sidelines of life, that life was closing in. And that's when I made the decision that my health was in my hands and I was responsible for it, that I would not blindly surrender to the doctors' scenario. Of course, I consulted other doctors, looking for a further course of action on my own. I took a closer look at how I was living and what I was eating, and here I began to make serious changes. However, to get out of a state that looked very bad in the clinical results, I also needed quick action to get me out of it.

On my path of recovery, I met Zygmunt Pulsson who, after recognizing my position, offered a solution - Pulsson cardio treatments.
What I am telling you now is of course my story, but I want to quote the hard facts which present the results of echocardiography - ultrasound of the heart:

The first examination was performed on 16.07.2011, the day after I left hospital following treatment for a diagnosed heart attack. Here is an excerpt from the diagnosis: "Hypokinesis* of the basal and middle segment of the inferior wall. Akinesis** of the middle and basal segments of the posterior wall. Features of impaired left ventricular relaxation".

The second examination was performed on 12.04.2012 in the same place, on the same device. Here is an excerpt from the diagnosis: "Normal wall thickness and contractility. No segmental contractility abnormalities. No signs of left ventricular relaxation abnormalities".

In my opinion, a key factor in the achieved effect was that I benefited from a series of 10 PULSSON Cardio treatments over 10 days immediately after leaving hospital.
Today, I don't take any medication, I don't have the slightest trouble with my heart and I can also do the most intensive physical activities. It is always with great pleasure and gratitude that I think about further, but already prophylactically applied, sessions on Pulsson equipment".

Warsaw, June 2016, Jacek Dębczyński (aged 61)
*Hypokinesis - partial absence of myocardial contractility, usually indicative of ischaemia of a particular segment of the heart.
**Akinesis - absence of myocardial contractility, usually refers to scars after myocardial infarction.

Ludzie Mary Leen

Fundamental regeneration

Dr. Mary Leen, professor at Western New Mexico University Silver City, USA

"After a greuling international flight, I had the chance to experience the Pulsson bed for the first time, just a few hours after I arrived at the Warsaw airport. I regularly see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and an energy healer. My body is generally aligned and in-tune. But my poor body was tight, out of alignment, and sore. After 20 minutes on the Pulsson bed, my body was humming happily. Not only is the bed very relaxing, but it seems to restore and recover at some basic — cellular or energy? — level.
I enjoyed a second session on the Pulsson bed during a new moon, just before my return trip to the states. Upon my return, my chiropractor (who has re-aligned my body after many trips) could not believe how relaxed and aligned my body was after the return international flight. So, the Pulsson bed not only helped my body (and mind and heart) recover, but prepared it well for my return trip. I can’t wait to get on that bed again."

Ludzie Louise Mazanti

State of expanded awareness

Louise Mazanti, therapist, coach and public educator, London

"Warsaw is opening up in the most incredible ways. With complete synchronicity this surreal experience appears. We have been reading and thinking enthusiastically about technology and consciousness hacking... and suddenly this man, Zygmunt Pulsson appears, who developed a bed that basically shakes you into expanded - and embodied! - states of consciousness. It was a hugely powerful, incredible experience."

Ludzie Dorota Stefanska

A quantum leap in massage and occupational hygiene

Dorota Stefańska, M.A. rehabilitation, deputy director and lecturer at the Medikon Warsaw Massage Studio and School

Pulsson® is a milestone in the development of massage techniques, rehabilitation and body work in general. Contactless, painless, automatic massage with Pulsson® movements allows for smoothness and repeatability.

Pulsson® is a multi-faceted inertial massage with an extraordinary range of therapeutic applications.
Pulsson® introduces a fundamental change in the way physiotherapists work. It significantly reduces workload and hygienic risks.

A not insignificant advantage for patients is that patients are not touched and do not have to undress. We probably do not realise how large a group of patients resign from physiotherapy treatments precisely for aesthetic, personal or cultural reasons. Pulsson® has eliminated this obstacle effectively. I am very impressed."

Ludzie Sportowcy

Comments from athletes after the 8 minute session on Pulsson. The rule was: Describe the feeling of the experienced state with one short statement

Road cyclists of Szurkowski's group during exercise tests at University of Physical Education in Warsaw

1 rider - Rest
2 rider - I am light
3 rider - I am full of energy
4 rider - I feel tingling
5 rider - I am floating on a wave
6 rider - High relaxation
7 rider - Regeneration, calmness
8 rider - I feel no fatigue
9 rider - Calm, relaxed

Ludzie Katarzyna Czekała Patoleta

Even in my fingertips I felt tingling, I felt blood circulating in them

Katarzyna Czekała - Patoleta, editor of "Mazowiecki Goniec Lokalny", author of an article about Pulsson Therapy

"I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try how Zygmunt Pulsson's invention is working on my own. With a certain shyness I laid down on the bed not knowing what to expect. I don't like not having control over my own body and the vision of setting every part of my person in motion with strange movements and jerks was a bit embarrassing. However, I decided to give it a try and asked for a short relaxation session. At first the slow rocking movements seemed to encourage further exploration. Then, the sudden vibrations threw me a bit off guard. However, when Pulsson bed "kicked in", it made my body move in a way reminiscent of belly dancing or Bhangra - the Hindu dance known from fitness clubs. I liked it very much, it made me want to laugh. During this swaying, I felt as if the weight I had in my stomach was dissolving and disappearing. Then I realised that it was the accumulated stress that was disappearing. At the end of the session, I felt tingling all over my body, even in my fingertips. I felt blood circulating and I felt warmth even in my feet and hands, which rarely happens to me because I am a cold person. The feeling of blood circulation and oxygenation accompanied me for the rest of the day and in the evening I fell asleep like a baby, as if I had spent half a day walking in the forest. I recommend this feeling."

Ludzie Przypadkowi

Unusual feelings described immediately after a 20 minutes session on Pulsson. They answer the question: "What is happening now?"

Answer 1 - I am just feeling my body now. I feel a kind of change in tension. I feel relaxation, lightness.
Answer 2 - Some energy is surging. I have more space in my body.
Answer 3 - I feel tingling all over my body. There are some particles floating above me, some aura.
Answer 4 - Calmness. Nothingness. My thoughts have escaped somewhere. Silence. I do not know anything. Do not ask me anything now.
Answer 5 - I see some pictures and colours. I am floating somewhere. I am wandering. I feel happy.
Answer 6 - I feel like I don't have a body. My legs feel light. My swelling has gone.
Answer 7 - It is something extraordinary, nothing hurts.
Answer 8 - I had a vision. A fantastic idea came to me.
Answer 9 - I feel such a soft face.

Ludzie Kasia Bogdan

A journey to the innermost corners of the Soul

Katarzyna Emilia Bogdan - Psycho-Somatic Therapy therapist

"The Pulsson bed is a spaceship which can take you on a journey to the innermost corners of the Soul. It brings healing, restores balance and gives respite. Each session is different and brings in what we need at the moment.
Already after the first experience I knew I would be coming back, taking my loved ones with me, because everyone should treat themselves with such a session at least once. Probably not the last one."

Zygmunt Pulsson

Dismiss of illness – Zygmunt Pulsson

Sigmund Pulsson - therapist, author of the invention of Pulsson® and the Pulsson Therapy® method

"I have never imagined that through movement, in such a natural way, it is possible to dismiss illness. To come into such intimate contact with oneself and to activate the process of self-healing.

A session on Pulsson is a completely new experience for the body and psyche, which allows you to open the gateway to new reality.

During the session you can consciously feel the processes happening in your body. They can take the form of rippling energy and vibrations that work for your health. You can also fully identify with the process and enter another level of perception.

It is an almost mystical state.

You go beyond yourself, beyond your current self. You open up new perspectives of self-healing, for both body and soul.
Moved by the Pulsson motions, the body feels an extraordinary comfort and remembers the experience as a new pattern encoded in the subconscious. A pattern in which old feelings, body tensions and pain dissolve into non-existence.

You are focused on self-healing.
You are in a state of deep relaxation. You can even feel as if in bliss.

I am a body and mind work therapist with many years of experience. However, it has never happened to me, in any other way, to reach such a state as on Pulsson bed.
I have never thought that I would ever be able to feel my inner processes in such a way, to forget about tension and fatigue, physical and mental stress. And to feel and explore my inner space. To enter a new perspective and say goodbye to illness."