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95% of all ailments are the result of inadequate circulation

The Pulsson® movement will help your body when:

- You are under the influence of prolonged physical exhaustion or fatigue
- You feel lack of strength, irritability, tense neck, tight stomach, headaches
- You suffer from insomnia
- You feel pain in your spine
- You feel tension in your chest
- You suffer from circulatory disorders and ischemia
- You are under the influence of prolonged physical exhaustion or fatigue
- You suffer from respiratory insufficiency, atherosclerosis, hypertension
- You have swelling, varicose veins and your lymphatic system needs unblocking
- You are experiencing problems with the digestive system - bloating, constipation
- You are looking for a way to effectively cleanse the body of toxins and metabolites
- You are suffering from metabolism disorders
- You are experiencing endocrine disorders
- You are looking for solutions to health problems of unknown origin
- You need life energy and general body alignment

Pulsson® movement will help your mental state when:

- You feel exhausted and lacking in life energy
- You are experiencing a crisis in your family, love or work relationships
- You feel stress related to a new life situation or project
- You are experiencing incomprehensible anxiety of unknown origin
- You want to release emotions that affect body functions and appearance
- You want to remove the barriers that are preventing you from experiencing positive feelings
- You want to start processes of synchronization of your body and mind
- You are looking take a step back and define a new direction in life
- You want to access higher brain functions and solutions beyond your current perception

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Pulsson® Energy

- Mobilising the body's energy
- Improving aerobic and metabolic parameters
- Optimising the absorption of nutrients
- Accelerating post-workout restitution

Pulsson pyramidal activation movements restore
good physical and mental form. Recommended in states of exhaustion and convalescence. They are used when increasing exercise capacity in amateur and professional sports training

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Pulsson® Heart

- Making the blood vessels more flexible and relaxed
- Increasing cardiorespiratory fitness
- Oxygenating, nourishing and increasing the efficiency of the heart
- Regulating nerve conduction

Pulsating and undulating movements, complemented by movements of pyramidal activation, support the treatment of diseases of the heart and vascular system. They relieve shortness of breath, reduce anxiety. Recommended for prophylaxis and rehabilitation after
heart attack. They counteract the formation of congestions and varicose veins.

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Pulsson® Spine

- Relaxing and mobilising of postural muscles
- Activation of the bone and joint system of the spine
- Increasing mobility of the cervical spine
- Improving mobility of the sacroiliac joint

Passive sliding movements without compression relieve pain of the spine associated with trauma and overloading. They help to restore proper functioning and straightened posture.

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Pulsson® Metabolism

- Restoring healthy metabolism
- Purification of the body at the cellular level
- Stimulation of lymphatic drainage
- Reducing fatty tissue

Draining, and vibrating movements, and movements relieving vertical pressure eliminate lymph stasis and swelling, and remove toxins from the body. They improve metabolism, purification and slimming. They bring relief from poisoning, overeating, flatulence and constipation.

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Pulsson® post COVID

- Accelerating regression of thickening in the pulmonary parenchyma
- Increasing cardiopulmonary efficiency
- Regulating the flow of body fluids
- Regulating the flow of body fluids

Vertical unloading Movements, vibration and pyramidal activation move body fluids, disperse stagnant fluid in the lungs and mobilise the alveoli to work. They deepen breathing abilities, improve circulation and efficiency ofinternal organs. They boost the immune response.

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Pulsson® Libido

- Stimulating circulation of the pelvic girth
- Increasing lumbar and hip mobility
- Relieving stress affecting sexuality
- Stimulating the endocrine glands

Oscillation and pyramidal activation movements restore proper circulation in organs connected with the erotic sphere, awaken sensuality and the ability to feel pleasure. They restore contact with your own body.

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Pulsson® Youth

- Prevention of menopausal symptoms
- Stimulating the endocrine glands
- Stimulating cells to produce energy
- Synchronising functions of the whole body

Pyramidal activation movements initiate the processes of rebuilding cells and comprehensive rejuvenation of the body. They restore the feeling of lightness and energy to live. PG oscillation influences endocrine glands responsible for hormonal economy, and relieves hot flushes, sudden sweating and mood swings.

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Pulsson® Meditation

- Calming stress, inducing a state of safety
- Experiencing a state of self-awareness
- Reading the signals and needs of the body and mind
- Entering a state of self-regulation

Pulsson movements according to 8 patterns are aimed at calming the body, cutting off physical tensions,
emotional tensions and unhealthy illusions. They restore proper circulation of vital energy, physical and mental health. They serve to strengthen concentration. They help to return to oneself.

Frequently asked questions

Of course! And you don't even have to undress. Just take off your shoes for comfort and better results. You don't have to do anything else. Paradoxically, you don't even have to want to relax, because relaxation on the Pulsson® comes by itself. And that happens just a moment after turning the device on.

The sessions do not require any preparation. You can use them on the go, straight from the street, to get rid of stress and take care of your health. And this is what we wanted from the very beginning, from the first session on a Pulsson® - efficiency, accessibility, anonymity.

Any session from 15 to 60 minutes has a health effect. Studies on athletes have shown that after only 8 minutes, the body relaxes and the regeneration processes begin. Of course, the effects depend on the length of the session. The patient's body condition is also important.

Even one treatment is enough to feel a positive change. The extent of the change and the effects depend on the patient's psycho-physical condition. For more complex ailments, e.g. of the cardiovascular system, it is advisable to have a series of treatments.

Tingling is a signal that oxygen saturation of the blood is taking place. The cells activated by the Pulsson® movement begin to produce energy. The organism regenerates and rejuvenates. It is not surprising that a tingling effect occurs, especially in those areas where these processes have been intensified.

The merit of Pulsson® is that there is a rapid introduction of the patient into a state of physical relief and emotional security. This enables access to the higher cortical functions of the brain and opens doors of perception and new possibilities that, without Pulsson, we would not be able to enjoy. In short, Pulsson puts the mind into an ideal state for the deepest relaxation and tranquillity.